My name is Ross Lapham I am the owner of 29ers bike shop and Rideout Gear. As a child growing up in Houston I rode my bike almost everyday. My Aunt was a avid bicyclist and she bought me my first BMX bike on my 10th birthday. It was a glorious piece of metal! To me it was everything! It was freedom, expression, and just plain fun!! I couldn't wait to get home from school and just ride until sunset every day for years. This lasted until I got my drivers license. I forgot about my old BMX bikes until.....

​40 years later in 2020 covid hit and I wanted to buy some bikes for the whole family. I went to every bike shop within 100 miles and couldn't find what I was looking for. The big wheel BMX 29er!! When I finally got one, it was amazing!! All those memories of my childhood and bicycling came flooding back. I felt like a kid again. I bought a BMX bike for everyone in my family and we all started riding together and actually connecting and talking and laughing. This has brought a lot of happiness to my life. Not too mention I have lost 20lbs since starting to ride my bike again. We had friends and neighbors start asking us about our bikes and where to get them. I started ordering more bikes to help more families get their own bicycles.

At the same time our family started to get involved with rideouts. The rideouts are a huge success in Houston and began to order more bikes to help supply the rideout groups also.

29ers Bike Shop and Rideout Gear were born!!

Twenty Niner Bikes
Twenty Niner Bikes